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17 October on Services  

Have you ever done a search on Google and seen the map with results listed at or near the top of the page?  These results are the Google+ Local results.

If your business operates to serve people in your town or city then you need to have your website listed front and center in Google.  This is where Google+ Local Optimization can come in.

Google+ Local Optimization refers to creating or claiming your businesses local listing, and then optimizing it so that when someone does a search for a product or service your business offers, then it will come up highly in the area of the search results page where the other local listings are located.

You might assume that the businesses listed there appear at some random interval.  But the truth is Google uses various ranking algorithms to determine which businesses should appear and which don’t.

We have the experience and understanding to know what those criteria are that Google is looking for when determining which businesses should show up there and we can apply that knowledge to your listing to try and get it found there too.

If this sounds like something you need to take advantage of then contact us and we will show you how easy and inexpensive claiming your Google+ local listing can be.

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