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17 October on Services  

So you have a website but it isn’t getting found on the most popular search engines, like Google.  That’s probably because it hasn’t been optimized.

Optimization refers to adjusting your website so that it is looked upon more favorably by the search engines.

Starting with the terms you have chosen during a Search Phrase Analysis we will make changes to your site, focusing it on those terms so that it has a better chance of ranking for those terms.  After all, the only way your site can even attempt to rank for any phrase you’ve chosen is to ensure that the phrases are found in the places the search engines are looking for them.

We will not only adjust the visible text on your pages but we will look at the “invisible” portions of your code that the search engines use to help to determine if your pages are worth ranking for those phrases.

To learn more about our search engine optimization packages contact us.

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